(This version has been amended by the General Assembly on November 29th 2013 for immediate entry into force)

Article 1

Name - Nature - Goal - Headquarters

1. It is made on 17 September 1985  a "Golf Club of international civil servants" as part of the Staff Association of the United Nations referred as :

CIG Genève or IGC Geneva (International Golf Club of Geneva)

The IGC Geneva is designed to enable its members as defined in Article 2, paragraph 1, to encourage and practice, as an amateur, the sport of golf.

2. The IGC Geneva shall refrain from any profit and any political or religious activity.

3. The seat of the IGC Geneva is set at the United Nations Office at Geneva at the following address :

Office des Nations Unies - Palais des Nations
8,12 Place des Nations 1211 GENÈVE 10

4. Only the IGC Geneva meets its commitments, which are secured by its own funds. Any personal liability of members is not formally subject to the discharge by the General Assembly to the Committee.

5. The Committee is validly bound vis-à-vis third parties by signing two of the following four persons: the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer or another member of the Committee.

Article 2

Members and resources

1. Members

The IGC Geneva consists of members :

  • Active members
  • Associate members
  • Honorary members

a) Active Members : Can become active members of the IGC Geneva officials of the United Nations Office at Geneva and specialized agencies, staff of permanent missions, the retired former staff of the United Nations specialized agencies, CERN, the EEC and other similar organizations, members of non-governmental organizations, journalists accredited to the United Nations, and officials of CERN, the EEC and other similar organizations. Can also become active members of the IGC Geneva a spouse, a partner and dependent children (up to 18 years of age or 25 years for students).

b) Associate members : Can become associate members of the IGC Geneva some people who do not belong to organizations as listed in subparagraph b), which will be co-opted or sponsored by an active member and will have to be approved by the Committee, by an absolute majority of votes cast on the proposal of an active member of the IGC Geneva and in the light contributions they can make to the IGC Geneva. The Committee reserves the right to review each year, membership of associate members who have been co-opted by it. The decision to renew and, where appropriate, the decision to terminate their membership will be taken by an absolute majority by members of the Committee. The various votes on this paragraph shall be by secret ballot.

c) Honorary Members : Can become honorary members, all personalities noticed by the Committee and that the IGC Geneva is an honor to count among its members, after cooption by the Committee at the absolute majority of votes cast.

2. Resources

a) To become a member, the applicant must adhere to the statutes of the IGC Geneva and pay the annual membership fee. The applicant becomes actual member once he logged in on the IGC website, he paid his annual membership and the Committee approved his active member status. Only members and honorary members invited by the Committee appointed by an absolute majority of votes shall be exempt from payment of annual dues.

The FFG licence is compulsory for every single members of the IGC Geneva.

b) A member may resign anytime of the year, by sending an email to the Committee. In this case, they immediately lose their membership and all rights and benefits attached to this title. No reimbursement (nor total nor partial) will be made.

c) However, a person who already has been a member, may ask to get his FFG licence even he does not take his IGC membership, but only for a year.

d) All members have the right to participate in activities organized by the IGC Geneva, according to the rules and procedures established by the Committee.

e) Only active members have the right to participate in the proceedings of general meetings with the right to vote and are eligible for membership of the Committee or auditors.

3. IGC season

The fiscal year of the IGC starts on November 1st and ends on October 31st of the following year.

4. Membership

The membership fee is fixed for all members at the General Assembly. 

5. Benefits

In addition to the contributions of its members, the IGC is empowered to receive gifts and benefits of any kind.

Article 3


The main organs of the IGC Geneva are :

  • The General Assembly
  • The Committee
  • The Auditors

Article 4

General Assembly

1. The General Assembly is authorized :

  • To adopt and amend the statutes
  • To appoint members
  • To discharge the members of the Committee
  • To dismiss members of the Committee
  • To appoint Auditors
  • To approve the Committee's report, balance sheet and operating accounts, and the report of Auditors
  • Final decision on all cases not provided for in these Regulations

2. The Ordinary General Assembly meets every year between November 1st and December 15th convened by the Committee.

3. If necessary, an Extraordinary General Assembly may be called by the Committee or on written request to the Committee by the Auditors or 30 active members of the IGC at least.

4. The General Assembly is convened by a circular stating the place, date and time, and that the agenda addressed to each member of the IGC Geneva at least fifteen days before the meeting.

5. Each member of the IGC Geneva is entitled to one vote in the General Assembly. The General Assembly is chaired by the President or, in his absence by the Vice-President or another member of the Committee appointed by it.

6. The Ordinary General Assembly takes its decisions by a simple majority of votes cast. The appointments are made or voting by show of hands. They are held by secret ballot if requested by the 2/5 of votes cast. The Ordinary General Assembly takes its decisions to the absolute majority.

7. A quorum is reached and the Assembly be valid when a tenth of active members is present. If a quorum is not reached, the Assembly has called for another date. The new Assembly may then deliberate whatever the number of members present.

Article 5


1. The Committee is composed of five members. Appoint from among its members : 

  • A president
  • A vice-president
  • A treasurer
  • A captain of the golf game
  • A secretary

Other functions are divided according to the convenience of other members.

2. The mandate of the Committee members is two years and is renewable.

3. It is provided to any vacancy, within thirty days by cooptation by the Committee members. A co-opted member of the Committee remains in office until the termination of its mandate.

4. The committee meets at headquarters or in any other place if necessary, convened by its President or, if unable to attend, convened by the vice-president, at least ten times a year. The invitation for the first meeting of the season is sent by email two weeks in advance with the agenda. The following meetings are scheduled at the end of the meeting and confirmed by email tzo days before at least.

5. A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of Committee members and decisions are taken by a majority of members present.

  • No decision of the Committee shall be valid if it does not meet the majority of Committee members at least
  • In the event of a tie, the President shall be decisive.

6. The decisions taken by the Committee are reflected in the Minutes which are approved by the next meeting.

7. The Committee provides the overall management of the IGC :

  • It provides guidelines for its policy and ensure the smooth running of the IGC
  • It establishes its own internal procedures.

8. The Committee shall submit an annual report to the General Assembly. Any changes in the annual fees deemed necessary by the Committee will be submitted for approval to the General Assembly.

9. The Committee may appoint persons authorized to represent the IGC Geneva.

10. Any member o the Committee who, without reasonable excuse, has been absent from three consecutive meetings will be deemed to have resigned from the Committee.

11. The Committee has the power to suspend or exclude any member for not respecting the rules of the IGC Geneva and has adopted a behaviour that, according to the rules of good faith and sports ethics, does not allow the Committee to maintain his affiliation.

Article 6


1. The Ordinary General Assembly appoints among active members of the IGC Geneva two auditors responsible for monitoring its accounts.

2. The Auditors prepare an annual written report. In this report, they propose the approval of the balance sheet and operating account, with or without reservation.

3. The Auditors report and give their possible comments to the Committee and to the Ordinary General Assembly.

Article 7

Revised Statutes

The revision of the rules may cover all or part of the statutes. Any request for revising the statutes must be submitted to the Committee. Any request to amend the Constitution contrary to article 1 and as defined in paragraphs 1 to 5 is not admissible. Any revision of the statutes must be approved by a simple majority in the Extraordinary General Assembly.

Article 8


1. The IGC Geneva may be dissolved by an Extraordinary General Assembly especially convened for this purpose, two-third majority of members.

2. The convening of the Extraordinry General Assembly has to be sent by email sent to each member of the IGC Geneva at least thirty days before the meeting. The invitation gives a statement of the reasons for the dissolution of the IGC Geneva.

3. In case of dissolution, the Extraordinary General Assembly shall appoint a liquidator and give the necessary instructions to that effect.

Article 9

Official Version

Only the French version of the Statutes shall prevail.

Article 10

Entry into force

These statutes submitted to the Extraordinary General Assembly of November 29th 2013 replace the statutes adopted by the General Assembly of November 12th 1986 and revised in the General Assembly of December 8th 1992, November 30th 2001 and November 18th 2011.