RESPECT - Valable dans les deux langues !

R for Rules / Regulations

Read the Rules of Golf to use them properly on the course.
The day of the competition, read the Local Rules reproduced on the scorecard or displayed at Club Notice Board.

E as Etiquette

Respect the course (lift your pitch marks, replace your divots, rake bunkers, collect your rubbish).
​Respect your partners (avoid slow play, turn off your mobile phone, count your score).

S as Scratch, Score Card, Site, Stableford

If unable to attend last minute, respect your golf partners by calling the golf secretariat on the morning of the competition.

Score Card
Respect your competitors by counting your score correctly.

Visit the site for all the questions you have.

Pick up the ball when you have exceeded a point above your own Par.

P as Phone, Provisional Ball

Do not forget to turn off your phone during a competition to avoid distracting the game of your partners.

Provisional Ball
Always have a second ball in your pocket with a different logo of your ball already in play and feel free to play as a provisional ball to avoid wasting time

E as Email, Environment

Only one email address to contact us

Remember to repair your divots, pick up your trash or cigarette ends, repair your pitches. Make your practice shots outside the area of the tee.

C as Clubs, Medical Certificate, Challenges, Cocktail, Competition

Make sure you do not have more than 14 clubs in your bag under penalty of 2 or 4 points (see Rule 32-1b Note 1 + Rule 4.4).

Medical Certificate
Valid for the current golf season. Keep the original in your bag and send a scanned copy at contact, otherwise you will not be allowed to play in competition.


  • IGC Trophy is awarded to the player with the highest number of Gross Stableford points in the season
  • The Trophy UNCTAD / UNCTAD is awarded to the player with the best net result of the season - The Coup Vieux is rewarded to the person with the best classement for all the competitions of the season
  • Trophy "Most Improved Player" is awarded to the player who has most improved its index during the season (including off IGC)
  • A championship "MatchPlay" is organized from April to October

Cocktails are offered by the sponsor of the day or by the IGC. Your presence is essential and part of the competition

Observe the time required to register. If unable to attend, do not forget to unsubscribe.

T as Tee off, Trolley, Tempo of play

Tee off
You must be present at least ten minutes before your departure time.

Consider placing your trolley in the direction of the next tee to save time.

Tempo of play
Be ready to play when it's your turn.
Avoid multiple (and useless) test shots.
Walk quickly.
Respect the playing speed for the comfort of all.
Make sure that you are following directly the party ahead.
There should be not be a hole difference between the party ahead, otherwise, the Commissioner of course or the Committee may disqualify you or ask you to skip the hole.
Leave the green as quickly as possible.
Do not complete the score card on the last green but before the next tee.
Book discussions for the 19th hole.