MIP Trophy - Most Improved Player

The MIP Trophy has been established in 2003.

The winner

This trophy shall be awarded to the IGC member who has most improved his FFG Index during the IGC season (all competitions from January 1st, up to and including the final IGC tournament). 

Data of all tournaments within the above-defined "Index calculation period" loaded on FFG server will be used to determine the winner.

Scoring methods

Points are awarded in accordance with the table below and the following formula :

Points = (BI – EI) x Factor

BI is the index at the beginning of the year, EI is the index reached at the end of the last IGC tournament.

Category Table

Six categories of players have been determined based on the official FFG Index category.

Category Index Range Difference Multiplying Factor
1 0 - 4.4 4.4 10
2 4.5 - 11.4 6.9 8
3 11.5 - 18.4 6.9 6
4 18.5 - 26.4 7.9 3
5 26.5 - 45.4 18.9 1
6 45.5 - 53.5 8 0.5

Index calculation period

FFG Index (Fleole) from 00:01 am (CET) on January 1st of the calendar year up to 00:01 am (CET) of the day before the closing IGC competition, plus the variation of the closing competition ; i.e. closing competition on a Friday, then 00:01 am (CET) on Thursday.

The Beginning Index to be considered for a new member with an index granted as "invitee" should be that at the end of the first IGC singles competition at which he/she attends. For other new members the index considered shall be that on the date of admission to the Club.

Last tenth

The last tenth of a category is calculated in the lowest category, i.e for a player with an index from 13.5 to 9.5 during the season, from 13.5 to 11.5 (Cat 3), the multiplying factor will be 6 and from 11.5 to 9.5 (Cat 2),  the multiplying factor will be 8.

Eligibility requirement

To be eligible the IGC member must :

1. Have participated in, at least, 5 official IGC competitions during the season

2. Be an adult according to the FFG definition, i.e. 19 years of age or above, as of the day before the first IGC tournament of the season

If the Most Improved Player of the season does not match the 2nd criteria, he shall receive a token prize, and the prize will be given to the top adult scorer.

Even scores

In case of ex-aequo, the winner shall be the player with the lowest "end of year" Index. Should there still be an ex-aequo at the index level then the winner shall be the player with the least number of competitions, officially played.