IGC Internal Rules (Rules of game)


IGC Internal Rules
(Rules of game)

1. General rules

1.1 Access to the golf course, club house and practice

Accesses to the course are determined in accordance with the host club’s rules.

1.2 Administration of indexes / handicap

Each player’s index shall be updated after each competition by the ffgolf The calculation is based on the scoring method WHS (World Handicap System) which took effect on 01.01.2019 – see web sites ffgolf and Swiss Golf.

1.3 New members

1.3.1 New members’ indexes shall be determined on the basis of the attestation supplied by the golf club that they were members of. If a new member already has an ffgolf or Swiss Golf licence from the previous year, the index therein will apply. If not, the Committee may decide to allocate a temporary index of maximum 36 to the player and then determine his level of play based on the score obtained on the occasion of his first competition.

1.3.2 New members are invited to comply with the new rules in effect since 01.01.2019 and those related to the etiquette. Their knowledge of those shall be evaluated by one member of the Committee on the occasion of their first competition.

1.4 Guests

1.4.1 IGC competitions are open to all members and their guests. A maximum of 3 guests may be invited to play in each event. However the Committee reserves the right to give priority to the members if necessary.

1.4.2 Non-members (guests) may be invited no more than twice per the season. Each member may invite a maximum of two guests per season.

1.4.3 Guests shall play outside of the competition; their scores shall be included in the final results’ list but they will not be eligible for the competition prizes

2. Competition Rules

2.1 Competition Committee

A competition committee shall be established for each competition, normally including the captain and one or two members of the IGC Committee.

2.2 Registration

2.2.1 Only IGC members who have paid their annual membership dues shall be allowed to participate in competitions. They must also have provided a medical certificate in accordance with the FFG requirements and produce a valid ffgolf or Swiss Golf licence.

2.2.2 Registrations must be made directly on the IGC website by members themselves, at least 4 days before the competition.

2.2.3 Should a competition be overbooked, a waiting list will be established and the rule applied will be first registered, first served. If one player is on the waiting list and if someone withdraws (scratches), his registration will be automatically confirmed according to the position he has on the list.

2.2.4 In order to register a guest, you must indicate his/her surname, first name, licence number and index in the « comments » column of the registration process.

2.2.5 If one player missed the registration deadline, he may send a request to contact@cig-igc.com and the Committee will do it upmost to accommodate him if a spot has been vacated.

2.2.6 A participant who wish to scratch shall do it if possible before the closing of registrations, that is to say on Monday prior to a competition taking place on Friday, on Tuesday for a Saturday competition and on Wednesday for one taking place on Sunday.  After this time limit and in case of a last minute scratch, the player should inform as quickly as possible the secretariat of the host club and the Committee.

2.2.7 In case of an overdue scratch and not duly justified, the player shall be receiving a warning, then put on the waiting list in case of a subsequent offence and finally not allowed to play the next competition in case of a new scratch

2.2.8 A player who do not want to compete has to mention it while registering in the column “comments”. Consequently, his score will not be registered with ffgolf.

2.2.9 For players whose index is more than 36, a competition might be organized if relevant on a 9-hole course if available

2.3 Index

The maximum index accepted for a competition is as a general rule 36 or the one which is fixed by the host golf club

2.4 Starting list

2.4.1 Starting lists are established by the competition committee and generated by the ffgolf RMS software and sent directly to the golf club with the updated player’s index. Players may consult their tee-off times directly on the IGC website, usually from 12 noon onwards one day prior to the competition.  The list is displayed in PDF format. Members are required to inform their quests accordingly. This new process, which is used by all golf clubs in France and Switzerland, allows players to consult their tee-off times on the competition pages of the ffgolf or the Swiss Golf websites.

2.4.2 The starting list is usually based on two different time slots (first half, second half) whose choice will be mentioned by the participant in the registration form. In case, he shall also indicate a partner with whom he wish to play (carpool, etc.). Remark: playing  with a partner of one’s choice is not a given, while the captain might not be able to satisfy all requests for any number of reasons and constraints. Furthermore, the general objective of IGC is to allow each one to play with a maximum number of different players along the golf season.

2.4.3 After the deadline for registration, a subsequent “no-show” which has not been announced in advance within a reasonable time, will be considered as an unjustified scratching and will be registered as such by the FFG.

2.5 Competition

2.5.1 Each player is personally responsible to verify, before starting the competition, the conditions under which the event is being played (format, starting tees), the correctness of his index on the scorecard as well as local rules.

2.5.2 Correct golfing dress must be worn by players (no jeans nor T shirts).

2.5.3 The Rules of golf and etiquette must be known and respected scrupulously. In case of non-respect, the competition committee may intervene thereon, in conformity with the official rules of golf, in particular with regards to disqualification.

2.5.4 Players must be ready to play (or be at the disposition of the starter) 10 minutes ahead of your tee time. 5 minutes late will be penalized by the loss of the first hole and more then 5 minutes will be sanctioned by a disqualification, except a case of absolute necessity.

2.5.5 Players must maintain a quick pace of play in accordance with indicated time limits on the scores card. If relevant, the competition committee might penalize a slow play while requiring the flight to proceed to the next hole (NB: without any stableford/strokeford point for the corresponding hole) or even giving a one-stroke penalty to each flight member on the final result for each 15 minutes delay on the team ahead.

2.5.6 In case of doubt, the player should play a provisional ball in order to avoid to go back to his starting point to play again, while slowing the game for everyone.

 2.5.7 The new rule gives only 3 minutes to players for searching a lost ball. If the ball is not found within this time frame, the other flight members bear responsibility to draw the attention of the player to go on.

2.5.8 By stableford/srokeford game formula, players are strongly requested to pick up their ball as soon as they have reached the par + the received strokes. Instead of a cross as so far, the par + the recieved stokes + 2 strokes must be entered on the score card.

2.5.9. The players are requested to rake the bunkers after their passage and to repair the pitch marks

2.5.10 Use of golf carts: Noting that the ffgolf encourages the use of golf carts on the course during a competition in case of a specific medical reason, the use of a golf cart during a IGC competition is authorized in principle for a maximum of three competitions during the season. Beyond this number, members shall be allowed to continue using a golf cart if they so wish, but will not be eligible for a price. This rule do not apply for holders of permanent medical certificate.

2.6 Registration of scores

2.6.1 Each player is responsible for checking his score, hole by hole, with his playing partner (marker) before both sign the card.

2.6.2 For a scorecard to be valid, the number of strokes (NB: no the net score) must be marked in the correct space on the card, and the card must be signed by the player himself as well as his marker.

2.6.3 If a player leaves the game, without justification acceptable to the competition committee, he could be penalized and where appropriate his index could be modified by the ffgolf.

2.6.4 Illegible completed cards will not be accepted.

2.6.5 No change may be made to a card once it has been signed and handed in.

2.6.6 In case of a dispute about a score, the cards must not be signed and the dispute shall be referred to the competition committee for settlement.

2.6.7 All scorecards must be handed in to the club secretariat within 10 minutes following the completion of play. Penalty for failure to do so is 2 points net.

2.7 Prize giving

2.7.1 The number of prizes will be proportional to the number of participants in each series.

2.7.2 The gross score takes precedence over the net score.

2.7.3 Each competition will include a raw score ranking for men and ladies separately, a net score ranking per serie for men and ladies separately

2.7.4 The prize giving ceremony is an integral part or the competition and requires that all participants be present at this occasion. A player who is unable to attend the prize giving must inform the committee before the competition or if relevant indicate it in the “comments” column upon registration. If a prize winner is not present, the prize shall be awarded to the next-ranked person, except for special prizes which will be awarded by drawing of lots.

2.8 Definition of series

2.8.1 A serie must be made of at least 6 players. If this is not possible, series will be merged by the captain.

2.8.2 Ladies shall generally play from the red tees, except when there are enough of them with the appropriate index to set up a serie starting from the blue tees (1st serie). Men shall be spread over one, two or three series according to the number of players who have registered for the given competition. These series shall be defined taking into account the practice followed by the host club. Within a serie all players will depart from the same tees. If there are not enough players who can start from the white or red tees, they will be included in a serie where all players start from the yellow or blue tees. 

2.8.3 From 75 years onwards, the player may play from the blue tees.

2.8.4 In specific cases a mixed serie could be set-up.

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